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    • Total value: n/a
    • Platform: ETH
    • estimated value $15 
    • token per claim 150 COGS

    Cogmento is the first next-gen CRM and other enterprise apps powered by blockchain. Their integrated mobile and web platform delivers the highest level of speed, security and functionality available with today's cutting edge Internet technology.

    Cogmento is airdropping 150 COGS to their community members. Signup for the airdrop and complete two airdrop/bounty campaigns to get up to 150 COGS tokens.
    Step-by-Step Guide:
    1. Visit the Cogmento airdrop registration page.
    2. Submit your details and signup.
    3. Verify your mail and log in.
    4. Now click on “Bounty #1: 100 COGS” from the dashboard.
    5. Join their Telegram group.
    6. Follow them on Twitter.
    7. Like their Facebook page.
    8. Download the Cogmento App for Android/IOS, give a positive review on the app store and take a screenshot of your review.
    9. Submit your screenshot, username and ETH address as a comment to the first bounty page.
    10. You will get 100 COGS tokens.
    11. Now click on “Bounty #2: 50 COGS” from the dashboard.
    12. Post a positive tweet about Cogmento and include the username “@Cogmento” and take a screenshot of the tweet.
    13. Submit your screenshot, username and ETH address as a comment to the second bounty page.
    14. You will get 50 COGS.
    15. You will get a total of 150 COGS if you complete both tasks/campaigns.
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