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    Token type ERC20
    Total supply 160,000,000
    Price/Token $1.5
    Tokens 5
    Est. value $7.5
    Referral 1 IPUX
    Ends in 14 days
    Validation 100% REAL

     IPUX is a global community and eco-system, comprising seven core business units


    Required Tools: Telegram Twitter Mail Facebook
    1. Start chat with IPUX Telegram Bot
    2. Pass the human verification test
    3. Sign up on IPUX website
    4. Join IPUX Telegram group and Telegram Channel
    5. Follow IPUX on Twitter
    6. Like IPUX Facebook page
    7. Subscribe IPUX on Reddit
    8. Submit your ETH Address and other details to the bot
    9. You will receive up to 5 IPUX tokens
    10. Also, earn 1 IPUX on per referral
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