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    POP Network

    • Total value: 16,000,000 POP
    • Platform: ETH
    • estimated value $5 
    • token per claim 4,000 POP

    POP Network is a blockchain-based video platform that rewards content creators and provides ad-free experiences for viewers. With decentralized video storage and peer-to-peer streaming, The POP Network aims to eliminate reliance on 3rd party distributors and hosting platforms.

    POP Network is airdropping 4000 POP tokens to their community members. Follow them on all required social platforms and submit your details to the airdrop page to receive the tokens.
    Step-by-Step Guide:
    1. Visit the POP airdrop page.
    2. Scroll down to “Social Bounty”.
    3. Join their Telegram group.
    4. Like their Facebook page.
    5. Follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Medium.
    6. Subscribe to their Youtube channel.
    7. Submit your details to the airdrop page.
    8. You will get 4000 POP tokens.
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