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    رسائل حب


    Token type ERC20
    Price/Token $0.4
    Tokens 20
    Est. value $8
    Referral 40 CPMS


     The Cryptomillions team is celebrating its tokensale with an exclusive airdrop for LATOKEN users. To participate, make sure you meet the eligible criteria by following the instructions in the bot. Get 20 CPMS for completing social tasks and invite up to 20 friends to 2 CPMS for each user joined the bot.


    Required Tools: Telegram Twitter Mail
    1. Start the CryptoMillions Telegram Bot
    2. Join Cryptomillions on Telegram
    3. Follow Cryptomillions on Twitter
    4. Like and retweet any tweet on the Cryptomillions Twitter Profile
    5. Submit a valid email address on the Telegram Bot
    6. Register an account at LATOKEN if you have not already done so with a tier 2 verification using the same email you submitted on the Telegram Bot.
    7. Invite up to 20 friends using telegram bot to get 2 CPMS for each
    8. Follow LATOKEN on Twitter and LATOKEN on Telegram for more airdrop announcements!
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