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    رسائل حب


    Token type ERC20
    Total supply 104,749,553
    Price/Token $105
    Tokens 0.50
    Est. value $52.5

     The MoneyToken Exchange is giving away a total prize pool of 200 ETH to 71 randomly selected participants who sign up and trade on the exchange. One lucky person will win a maximum prize of 50 ETH


    Required Tools: Telegram Mail
    1. Sign up to MoneyToken exchange using Phone or Email
    2. Go to MoneyToken Early Birds airdrop page
    3. Enter the email address you used, to sign up to the MoneyToken website
    4. Retweet tweet @moneytoken on Twitter
    5. Provide a screenshot of your first trade on the MoneyToken exchange.
    6. Complete all tasks above to unlock more tasks and earn extra entries into the prize pool.
    Join MoneyToken Telegram for the community
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