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    Token type ERC20
    Total supply 100,000,000
    Tokens 200
    Est. value $?
    Referral 100 QBE


    Qubicles is a decentralized contact center network that facilitates talent matching to streamline customer and business interactions.


    Required Tools: Telegram Mail
    1. Visit the Qubicles Airdrop page
    2. Submit your email address, complete captcha and click "Join Now".
    3. Join Qubicles Telegram group.
    4. Copy thee code from Airdrop page and paste in the Telegram group.
    5. Get your referral link in the Qubicles Telegram group.
    6. You will get an email from EOSex about login details.
    7. You will receive 200 QBE tokens in your EOSex account.
    8. Earn additonal 100 QBE for each referral (max 10,000 QBE).

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