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    Token type ERC20
    Total supply 500,000,000
    Price/Token $0.009
    Tokens ?*
    Est. value $24


     Verity aims to become the decentralized oracle that connects the real-world to the blockchain world, in real-time.


    Required Tools: Mail
    1. Go to the Verity Website.
    2. Signup with your details to join the Airdrop.
    3. Verify your email and Log in.
    4. Log in to your Metamask extension in your browser.
    5. Create a new wallet &
    6. Select "Ropsten Test Network".
    7. Visit the Faucet and Click on "Request 1 ETH from faucet".
    8. You will get 1 free Ropsten ETH from the faucet.
    9. Now, in your Verity account, Click on "Add Your Wallet Address" and connect your Metamask wallet.
    10. Participate in an upcoming Alpha event and Click on "Join" and then click on "Confirm".
    11. Once the transaction is confirmed, you will be able to cast your vote once the event starts.
    12. You must correctly submit the required data. If the majority of participants submit the same data, consensus forms and everyone in a consensus is rewarded from the reward pool.
    13. Every user could get up to $24 worth of ETH/VTY tokens on every Wednesday (weekly).
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