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    رسائل حب


    Token type ERC20
    Total supply 210,000,000
    Price/Token $0.08
    Tokens 125
    Est. value $10
    Referral 12 AML


    AMANPURI Exchange is a licensed DLT exchange based in the Republic of Malta that offers first-class VFA and VFA / FIAT exchange and payment solutions.


    Required Tools: Telegram Twitter Mail Facebook
    1. Start chat with AMANPURI Telegram Bot.
    2. Join AMANPURI Telegram group.
    3. Follow AMANPURI on Twitter and like 2 last posts.
    4. Retweet this tweet
    5. Like AMANPURI Facebook page and share this post.
    6. Signup an account on AMANPURI.
    7. You will receive 125 AML tokens.
    8. You can earn an additional 12 AML for each referral.
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