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    TOR-X Network

    Token type ERC20
    Price/Token $0.13 
    Tokens 450
    Est. value $58.5


     TOR-X Network is complex solution that consists of a new blockchain that is made for decentralized exchange that reduces user`s risks and provides solution for cross-chain exchange.


    Required Tools: Telegram Twitter Mail Reddit Kyc Others
    1. Visit the TOR-X website.
    2. Register with your details and verify your mail (+100 TOR-X).
    3. Chat with this Telegram bot and pass your KYC.
    4. Join TOR-X Telegram Group (+40 TOR-X) and Channel (+40 TOR-X).
    5. Follow TOR-X on Twitter. (+40 TOR-X)
    6. Subscribe TOR-X on Reddit. (+40 TOR-X)
    7. Follow TOR-X on Medium. (+40 TOR-X)
    8. Similarly, complete other tasks and earn more TOR-X tokens.
    9. You will receive up to 450 TOR-X tokens.
    10. Also, earn extra TOR-X tokens for per referral.

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