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    رسائل حب


    Token type ERC20
    Total supply 140,000,000
    Price/Token $0.1
    Tokens 100
    Est. value $10
    Referral 50 V4U



    Venezuela is the reference cryptocurrency to make international Remittances, with the great boom in the P2P That market exists, ITS value and use will increase


    Required Tools: Telegram Twitter Mail Facebook Others Instagram
    1. Start chat with Venezuela Telegram bot.
    2. Join their Telegram group and Telegram channel.
    3. Follow them on Instagram.
    4. Follow them on Twitter.
    5. Like their Facebook page.
    6. Submit your details to the bot.
    7. You will get up to 100 V4U ($10) tokens.
    8. You can earn an additional 50 V4U ($5) tokens for per referral.
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