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    Receive free GStar tokens

     Est. Value


    Platform: ETH

    Tokens per Claim

    0.30  GOX

     GStar (GOX) is a block chain based cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. While Bitcoin updates the ledger every 10 minutes, GOX is renewed every minute.
    Step-by-Step Guide:
    1. Visit the GStar Airdrop Page
    2. Join GStar Telegram group.
    3. Download the GOXWallet Android App on Google PlayStore. (IOS App will be available in 2 weeks).
    4. Create an account on GOXWallet.
    5. You will receive 0.3 GOX coins in your GOXWallet.
    Note: All the tasks are compulsary for receiving rewards. You can swap your 0.3 GOX coins with 30 GOXT tokens and trade them by using the swap function on the app.
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