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    رسائل حب


    Receive free spz tokens

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    Platform: ETH

    Tokens per Claim


     Step-by-Step Guide:
    1. Sign up for the Swapcoinz website
    2. Join Swapcoinz Telegram group
    3. Join AirdropsMob Telegram channel
    4. Follow Swapcoinz on Twitter and retweet the pinned tweet
    5. Follow AirdropsMob on Twitter
    6. Like Swapcoinz Facebook page and share any post
    7. Like AirdropsMob Facebook page
    8. Fill the form below (use same email you used for registering on the website)
    9. You will be dropped with 100 SPZ tokens ($10)
    10. For every referral you will get 30 SPZ tokens ($3)
    ⚡ Tokens will be distributed after 10th June (end of ICO)
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