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    Receive free ICOFY tokens

     Est. Value


    Platform: ETH

    Tokens per Claim

    1200 ICOFY

    ICOFY Dapp is the first ever Initial Dapp Offering (IDO) voting DAPP. Developed for ICO/STO to gain accelerated entry to the market.
    Step-by-Step Guide:
    1. Visit the ICOFY Airdrop Form.
    2. Follow them on Twitter and retweet any tweet with these hashtags: #ICOFY #IOO #EthfinexOTC
    3. Like their Facebook Page and Share a post with these hashtags: #ICOFY #IOO #EthfinexOTC
    4. Subscribe them on Reddit and Upvote and share a post.
    5. Follow them on LinkedIn and like it.
    6. Subscribe their YouTube Channel and like any 2 videos.
    7. Complete the remaining tasks in the ICOFY Telegram bot and submit your details to the bot.
    8. Submit your social media details to the ICOFY Airdrop Form.
    9. You will receive 1,200 ICY tokens ($12) on July 18th.
    10. You can earn an additional 100 ICY ($1) for every referral.
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