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    NOS Initiative

    Receive free XNOS tokens

     Est. Value

    $1 + ref

    Platform: Own chain

    Tokens per Claim

    30 XNOS

    NOS Initiative is an awareness campaign for NOLLAR powered by the distribution of NOS (XNOS). Think of NOLLAR as a free and decentralized version of services like Paypal. The NOS Payment Ecosystem consist of various independent networks for NOS Stablecoins (Nollar, Nound and Neuro) and a decentralized solution which is the NOS Network itself. All networks in the NOS ecosystem provide safe, fast, and free transfer & store of value. It is achieved by aggregating some of the best ideas, innovations, and technologies developed in recent years.

    NOS Initiative is airdropping 30 XNOS to new users. Create an account at NOS Initiative using a valid invite-only referral link and complete your KYC to receive 30 XNOS. Also get 10 XNOS for each referral up to 9 referrals.
    Step-by-Step Guide:
    1. Visit the NOS Initiative airdrop campaign website using a valid referral link.
    2. Important: Campaign is invite only, so you have to find an invite link on their Twitter, Telegram or Facebook social channels.
    3. Click on Sign up.
    4. Submit your details and sign up.
    5. You will get 10 XNOS.
    6. Submit your KYC details. (+20 KYC)
    7. You will get a total of 30 XNOS.
    8. Share your referral link and earn 10 XNOX for each referral (up to 9 referrals).
    9. Important: Your referral link will expire after 10 invites.

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