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    Airdrop : JIL TOKENS 
    total earn: 7$  per referal = 3$

    Step-by-Step Guide JIL TOKENS Airdrop
    1. Chat with the JIL TOKENS Airdrop bot.
    2. Submit your mail to the bot.
    3. Join JIL TOKENS on Telegram.
    4. Like JIL TOKENS on Facebook and share a positive post about them.
    5. Follow JIL TOKENS on Twitter.
    6. Submit your ETH Wallet Address and other details to the airdrop bot.
    7. Invite friends to earn 15 JIL tokens for every referral.
    8. Want to earn more free cryptocurrency? Check out our new exclusive Multichain Ventures airdrop to claim free TKS tokens for easy tasks!

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