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    Airdrop : MIXI
    total earn: 800,000 MIXI +ref

    A next generation blockchain designed for Games Payment Network. Solving the Games Payment Digital Trust problems. Fast and Transparent.

    Only for 10,000 participants

    🎁 Please perform the tasks below to earn 800,000 MIXI.

    📢 Don't cheat because it will harm the community. If your account is fraudulent, it will be permanently blocked.

    MIXI Airdrop will be distributed January 25, 2020

    steps : 
    go to Airdrop bot 

    MIXI Giveaway OmiseGO (OMG)

    Total pool 50,000 OmiseGO (OMG) for MIXI Network (MIXI)  Holders.

    🛑 For every 1,000,000 MIXI, the holder will receive 2 OMG

    Buy MIXI and get OMG  for  Free !

    Snapshot will be made on December 29

    OMG Distribution start December 30, 2019

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