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    Gold Pressed Latinum

     Airdrop : Gold Pressed Latinum 

     total earn: $25 + ref

     Gold Pressed Latinum (GPL) - one of the Star Trek inspired coins.
    GPL now is pure PoS based cryptocurrency.
    Original GPL was started August 27, 2013 and still alive. Scrypt-Jane was created to protect coins from ASIC-miners.
    GPL have stealth address for anonymous transactions.

    Airdrop Description

    Gold Pressed Latinum Airdrop - please perform the tasks to earn up to 250 GPL worth of ($25). ALL TASK IS MANDATORY.
    You can get 50 GPL Coin for each confirmed referral by using your unique referral link, which you will get after completing the airdrop participation.
    The airdrop participants have a chance to earn an extra reward of $1000 worth of GPL tokens. After the airdrop campaign comes to an end, 10 lucky participants will receive $1000 worth of GPL tokens each by a draw.


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