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     Airdrop :PayRue

      total earn: $10 +Ref

    PayRue is a European based wallet focusing on exchange, transfer, and storage of cryptocurrencies. Their mission is to support the cryptocurrency's mass adoption with secure and user-friendly apps. PROPEL tokens are now tradable on Propel DEX.
    PayRue is airdropping 5,000 PROPEL tokens to their community members. Download PayRue app and sign up or create an account at their website & complete your KYC to receive the rewards. Also, earn 1,000 PROPEL for each referral.

    1. Download the PayRue app and sign up (Android/IOS) or simply register on their website.
    2. Complete your KYC. (Mandatory)
    3. You will receive 5,000 PROPEL tokens
    4. Also, earn 1,000 PROPEL tokens for each referral who completes their KYC. You can find your referral link by clicking on “more” and then on “Inviting friends” from within the app. You can also directly start inviting friends and complete your KYC later.
    5. Participants get their referral link only through the PayRue app.airdrop crypto  
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