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    funderone airdrop

    funderone airdrop funderone airdrop

     total earn: $25

    FunderOne is a real estate funding and a cryptocurrency trading platform. Their token-based artificial intelligence distributed machine e-shares network aims to overcome the hurdle by sharing its intelligence through Inter-ledger protocols thereby powering some of the futuristic applications using enterprise-grade fault-tolerant distributed ledger technology as it’s foundation. 

    funderone airdrop Description

    FunderOne is airdropping 25 UBETS to their community members. Visit their airdrop form, complete easy social tasks and submit your details to the airdrop form to receive up to 25 UBETS tokens.

    1. Visit the FunderOne airdrop form.
    2. Join their Telegram group. (+4 UBETS)
    3. Follow them on Twitter and retweet any one of their tweets. (+3 UBETS)
    4. Like their Facebook page. (+3 UBETS)
    5. Upvote their Binance DEX listing proposal. (+15 UBETS)
    6. Submit your details to the airdrop form.
    7. You will receive up to 25 UBETS tokens.
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