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    betaex airdrop

    betaex airdrop betaex airdrop

     total earn: $10

         betaex airdrop Description

    BetaEX, an innovative digital asset trading platform.

    1. Visit the BetaEX Registration page.
    2. Register with your details and login.
    3. Complete your KYC and get 1 USDT.
    4. If you complete any 1 trade you will receive extra 1 USDT.
    5. Earn 0.5 USDT for every referral that completes KYC.
    6. Earn 0.5 USDT for every referral that completes any 1 trade.
    7. You can earn a max of 10 USDT from above activities.
    8. Activity rewards will be distributed within 7 working days after the end of the activity, rewarded in the form of equivalent PT05 index tokens.
    9. After the activity award is given out, you can sell the PT05 Index for the USDT equivalent.
    10. For more details about the airdrop, visit this Official Post.

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