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    dao maker airdrop

     dao maker airdrop dao maker airdrop

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     dao maker airdrop descrption

    DAO Maker is a decentralized ecosystem specialized in so called social mining.
    1. Visit the DAO Maker Airdrop page.
    2. Sign up with your details and verify your mail.
    3. Login, go to your profile and connect your Telegram and Twitter accounts.
    4. Make two tweets according to the rules mentioned here.
    5. Retweet two DAO Maker tweets and collect your points.
    6. Based on your tweets you will get between $0.10 - $10 worth of USDC tokens.
    7. Rewards will be distributed within 12 hours after Social Mining detects your tweets.
    8. Additionally, create a sticker/gif/meme based on their DYCO project and the top 3 artworks will get up to $100 worth of USDC tokens.

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