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    erasken airdrop

     erasken airdrop  erasken airdrop

     total earn: $200


     erasken airdrop Description

    ERASKEN exchange is a hybrid exchange. This means we are recognized to be partly centralized and decentralized. ERASKEN provides peer-to-peer trading and individual wallets where the user is fully in control of his or her keys, completely in line with Satoshi and his ideas. On the other hand, we recog- nize ourselves as a company that is centralized and in control of the ERASKEN ecosystem which we are responsible to build and enhance.
    Erasken Airdrop is worth 10,000 USD by ERK Tokens in total for first 5111 users register on Erasken Exchange. Airdrop event will start on May 2, 2020. The total airdrop cost will be paid by us, drawn from our Foundation Fund.
    The Airdrop event will run for 2 weeks and the reward will be for 5111’s first registration and complete community missions on Erasken social networks. The participants will be rewarded as follows:
    1st — 10th Place (10 winners) — $200 USD value worth 2,222 ERK Tokens to each winner
    11st — 110th Place (100 winners) — $20 USD value worth 222 ERK Tokens to each winner
    111st–1110th Place (1000 winners) — $2 USD value worth 22 ERK Tokens to each winner
    1111st — 5110th Place (4000 winners) — $1 USD value worth 11 ERK Tokens to each winner


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