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    PARSIQ airdrop

     PARSIQ airdrop PARSIQ airdrop

     total earn : $5.5 +ref

     PARSIQ airdrop description

    PARSIQ is a universal blockchain parsing and monitoring tool. The tool provides an analytical view of blockchain transaction history. It also
    provides real-time monitoring of accounts, transactions, and related blockchain state.
    Advanced parsing and processing of transaction trees using big data analytics techniques and machine learning algorithms provide detailed insights into blockchain asset movements. The platform will eventually work for multiple blockchains and implements a modular design aimed at providing many applications for different use cases. At its core, PARSIQ is designed as an open platform accessible and extensible for everyone.

    Airdrop Description

    PARSIQ is rewarding up to 226,000 of its native PRQ token to Dash users who sign up for a free account and create Smart-Triggers. 


     go to airdrop page
    Sign up on the PARSIQ Portal
    Connect your Telegram account
    Create Smart-Trigger for your address
    Earn up to 200 PRQ tokens
    Refer a friend (50 PRQ)

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