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    TuneStarTV airdrop

    TuneStarTV airdrop TuneStarTV airdrop

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     TuneStarTV airdrop description

    The TST platform complements the shortcomings of existing Internet broadcasting and is a platform that leads a healthy content culture.
    The TST platform is aiming for novel and interesting ideas such as drama, lyrics, composition, comedy, movie, CF, etc., avoiding advertising, gambling, and profanity of existing Internet broadcasting. It also serves as a "star gateways" for everyone who dreams of stars like "new singer, actor, comedian, film director, cf director".

    TuneStarTV giving away tokens (TST) to build a strong community on telegram & twitter.
    Referral Reward : 62.5 TST ($0.5) For every valid Referral.


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